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Our club is a Family that are passionate about 4 wheeling, camping, and playing in the mud. We enjoy meeting new people and encourage a fun and family friendly environment. Our mission as a club is to create an environment for our members that is safe and fun at any event or meeting and also to practice the tread lightly policy. We encourage anyone who meets our requirements and agrees to our by-laws to attend a meeting and apply for membership.


1. Must own a 4x4 Vehicle or have access to a 4x4 Vehicle that is safe for any event we may attend and be able to meet requirements of any event if applicable.

3. You must 18 years of age or older AND have transportation to and from events and meetings. (Club leaders will not be responsible for transportation arrangements.

2. Members are required to pay a yearly membership fee of $20.00. All fee's will be used to upgrade the club's website, reserve events etc. (NOTE: MEMBERSHIP FEE'S WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF YOU DECIDE TO QUIT THE CLUB.)

3. You must attend 1 meeting with the club and complete a 30-day period before your membership is accepted. (NOTE: FEE'S WILL NOT BE DUE UNTIL YOU ARE ACCEPTED!)

4. You must show interest in the club and attend at least ONE meeting & ONE event yearly to stay active in the club.

5. You must pay your membership dues yearly at January meeting. membership will be prorated if joining before or after January meeting.

6. All applicants will be required to complete a membership application, sign a rules agreement, and sign a waiver of liability before their membership can be voted on!


1.Dues are due once membership has been accepted by vote.

2.Dues are due January of each year at monthly meeting, if joining before or after January meeting dues will be pro rated accordingly.

3.If total number of memberships get to an unreasonable number, club leaders will act accordingly to stop future memberships or provide alternative solution.

4.If a member's dues are not paid within 1 month of acceptance or by May 30th, whichever is applicable, member's membership will be considered terminated.

5.Dues will be paid through the president or Treasurer by cash or postal money order.

6.Any member wanting to resign their membership shall  do so in writing and submit to a club leader.


1. This is a NO VIOLENCE & family oriented club, any disagreements between members must be handled immediately or both members will be banned from the club immediately! Any violence during a club meet or event will result in both members banned by club leaders.

2. This is a alcohol & drug free club, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule! Any member caught breaking this rule will have membership terminated by club leaders without question!

3. All club logo's,clothing,decals,promotional items or anything that shows the club logo will be provided by the president ONLY. Any members who make there own items with the club logo and/or use these items without the consent of the president will have there membership's terminated without question. our logo is trademarked and cannot be duplicated.

4.All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion in all club meetings and events, any member(s) breaking this rule will have membership terminated by club leader(s).

5.All expenses incurred at meetings or events will be paid by member that incurred that expense.

6.This club will have a President and vice president, both of these positions are considered Club leader positions, The President Position will be permanently filled by co-founder Bobby Phelps . There will also be A Vice President and Club leader position that will be filled by present members and will be voted on yearly. As long as Incumbent is voted in, they can serve as Club leader as long as they are being voted in. In total there will be 3 Club leader positions.

7.Anyone wanting to join the club MUST be 18 years of age or older, accept and follow all rules & possess a valid drivers license!

8. Mad Mudders 4x4 club IS NOT responsible for any damage, injuries or fines that may occur during a club event or club meet. YOU, YOUR GUEST AND YOUR RIG IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!

9. All pending memberships & future events will be voted on by all present members at monthly club meetings. ( Any members not present at the meetings will not be able to vote)

10. There will be no reckless driving or putting oneself or any other person in danger. 

11. Any member that breaks any of the rules stated above WILL have there membership terminated by a club leader NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! 

12. Last but not least BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!!!!

If you are interested in joining our club please feel free to download our club application below and email it back to us at  [email protected] or print it off and submit it to Lanie Smith. 

Club Membership Application - Download Here!